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Decorating your poolside space is incredibly satisfying when you’re thinking about all the use you can get out of it when the pool season starts again in the spring. That’s why we love shopping for furniture early – it lets us take our time building a good space. And with so many options on the market, there is something beautiful to buy every day to place on our poolside.These are 10 of our favorite timeless pieces that will instantly elevate your poolside:

timeless white lounge chairs
1. Timeless white lounge chairs

Nothing quite says poolside like a sparkling white lounge chair. If you don’t already own one for your own poolside deck, consider choosing a modern white lounge chair that will suit any space. There are tons of minimal and modern lounge chairs on the market, but we particularly love one that has clean lines attached back wheels for easy moving.

teak lounge chairs
2. Teak lounge chairs

We know we just talked about a white lounge chair, but we promise teak lounge chairs are a completely different thing. While white says timeless and expensive, teak says natural and rustic. And because teak is mildew-resistant, it’s the perfect material to lounge on after a dip in the pool.
But remember that before picking out lounge chairs, you should always prioritize your pool deck flooring, which we can take care of as concrete contractors St Louis. Anything from resurfacing, repairing, and refinishing - we’ve got you.

low canvas stools
3. Low canvas stools

If you aren’t looking for something as big as lounge chairs, go the easy and casual route with low stools that you can easily spread over the poolside. Its canvas seating ensures safety and longevity, and it also adds a campfire-like quality to a poolside.

towel rack
4. Storage for pool towels

Make life so much easier for yourself and your guests by having a towel storage unit on the poolside. Choosing a minimal storage unit that completely shuts will help it blend in seamlessly with the rest of the furnishings.

hanging chair by the pool
5. Hanging chairs

There is something extremely charming about the sight of a hanging chair near a poolside and luckily for us, buying and installing them has become much easier. For the patio, choose something made from synthetic rattan, which is a light and airy material that is also water-resistant.

privacy screen
6. Privacy screens

If you want to add the illusion of solitude to your swims, consider setting up privacy screens. Privacy screens can be made of wood, metal, or other lighter materials. If you live very close to another neighbor and want more privacy, set up slatted wood screens. But if you want something more versatile that can be used and put away, foldable privacy screens are perfect for you.

pool outdoor shower
7. Outdoor showers

Outdoor showers may seem like the kind of luxury that you only ever see in hotels and on fancy beaches. But there are many outdoor showers on the market today that can be hooked up to a hose to provide easy after-swim showering right on your deck! We recommend something light and easy to move around so you can hide it away during the off-season.

pool outdoor floor lamps
8. Outdoor floor lamps

Lighting for the outdoors can be pretty limited and if you’re someone looking for more light near your pool, consider a wheelable floor lamp that comes in bigger sizes than standard home lamps. This will make for easier evening swims and activities near the pool.

pool hoop chair
9. Hoop chairs

If you’re looking to add one fun piece to your poolside furniture, we strongly encourage getting a hoop chair (or two). While they may seem relatively plain, hoop chairs have a quirky quality that has made them popular for the outdoors since the 1950s. For more versatility, choose a plain white or black hoop chair that you can decorate with your own cushions.

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