Part of pool deck refinishing includes setting up the theme around the pool. You may want to find out how much does it cost to resurface the pool deck? There are two things that you need to consider first. 


First is the best pool deck coating material. After you decide on that, the next is to choose the best furniture, pool accessories, and other outdoor adornments to complete the whole setup.

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Do you now feel overwhelmed with a lot to think about? Can you call an expert pool installer and do the design for you? How about a “do it yourself pool decks resurfacing?” 


You want to leave it to the experts. Then what you need to focus on is how you can design the pool deck on your own. 


Today’s post your expert guide in choosing the best pool deck coating, outdoor furniture, and pool accents!

Best Pool Deck Material for Humid Weather

Places like Florida and near hot, humid locations need a place to escape the heat of the sun. It is no wonder why now pools abound in these areas. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing coatings and furniture to survive under the warm weather:


  • Heat Resistance
  • Cracking or Brittleness
  • Fading of Colors of the Materials
  • Flexibility


The sun’s heat may cause some materials to break or crack. For example, polymer or plastic chairs and tables get brittle when bathed under the sun. Get to know some of the furniture that suits the warm weather.

Outdoor Furniture: Factors When Choosing the Best

First, when choosing the material for outdoors, like your swimming pools or, you need to know what type of climate prevails in that area. You get excited to put up comfy couches or your most loved cushion to adorn the pool decks. But what if it rains? Dive into how you can choose the suitable materials to put outside.

stamped concrete pool deckTeak. Wooden furniture is of those that suit the humid places. Teak or Tectona grandis is a species of tree that grows in tropical areas. Teak will not rot or wear down under extreme changes of weather. When placed outside, the problem with other wooden materials is that they soften and wither when constantly exposed to wet conditions.

Metal. Metal furniture is perfect for humid weather. Metal’s number one enemy is the H20 and CO2. When metallic compounds react to water and air, the materials rust away.

And while the metal materials will dry immediately under humid conditions, it will still be the best idea to coat the steel surface with protective coatings, just like the pool decks.

Choosing the Best Pool Deck Coating

Pool deck coating refers to paints, stains, and also epoxy paints. Under these types, you will find one that works best under hot regions. If you build swimming pools in the semi-humid areas, there is also a pool deck coating to match the slippery spots.


So, look again at the list above that tells essential features of quality pool deck materials. Now, learn how to choose the best concrete coatings for your pools.

Pool Deck Paint


Paints have adequate flexibility under warm weather. That is why a pool deck paint is a practical choice for pool owners. Most concrete pools use paint to coat and color the surface. 


Specifically, latex-acrylic paints can expand under heating surfaces so they won’t break or crack. A peeling coating often results in the concrete pool deck breaking and cracking.


It is sufficient to get the pool decks if you plan to redesign and refinish the pool deckings often. If you want something that lasts longer, the net one will satisfy you.

Epoxy Coatings

You can epoxy pool decks. It may sound impossible at first. It is so because epoxy floor coatings are popular among interior floorings, like garages. 


In terms of pool deck coatings, epoxy serves as a base material mixed into the grout and then sprayed over concrete decks. It provides a porous surface that will not allow the water or even the heat to be absorbed below the slabs. 


In addition, spraying the epoxy coating makes the surface water-resistant and reduces slipping and skidding over the pool surfaces.

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Lastly is stained concrete pool decks. Not everyone offers to stain the pool for resurfacing. It is better to ask your local pool builders what they recommend for your type of pool. So, here is how Staining works.


Stained concrete is known for its vibrant, deep penetrating colors. The concrete appears more lively in the country to its natural, greyish look. It is also what DIY goers choose. Staining is a user-friendly option that allows you to do it yourself pool resurfacing.


Staining the pool surface is your choice if you want to enhance the colors that adorn the pool. Staining also offers you color that does not fade. A common issue among pools is that the paints or the coloring fade under a constant splash of water.

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