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One of the things that catch your attention whenever there is a pool area is the deck. The pool deck is the entire area surrounding your pool. This space is where you can place the sets of furniture. The lounge area is also in this place.

It is the deck that makes the whole swimming area pleasing to the eye. This area brings out the style and appearance that you have envisioned for your dream pool. 

There are a lot of options you can choose from to make your pool deck rock the best design you want to achieve. Here are some ideas that might help you out:

First, let’s start by defining Pool decking.

swimming pool with chairs around
oval swimming pool with wooden pool decks
modern house with white concrete pool deck & swimming pool

What is Pool decking?

Pool decking is constructing and designing the entire area to accommodate all the furniture like tables, chairs, umbrella shade, and other stuff for recreational activities. It allows you to make a unique style for your entire pool set-up.

To begin with the pool decking, you should choose the right material you will utilize. The commonly used materials for pool decking are wood, stone, concrete, and other industrial materials.

Concrete Pool Decks

The most popular, as well as the economical option, is using concrete. Besides the fact that it is sturdier than other materials, in concrete pool decks, there are many possibilities of personalized styling to attain your dream pool area. You can make a creative and artistic look for your pool deck in concrete. The available options include color, textures, and pattern styles.

Broom Finish

This pool deck design is the most basic you could achieve with concrete. A texture is imparted on the pool deck for slip-resistance. To achieve this pool deck finish, a broom is brushed on the fresh concrete.

Stamped Concrete

The stamped concrete pool deck provides additional texture and pattern. This design idea offers a variety of customizations to your pool deck. The advantages of this type of pool deck finish entail using certain additives that may prevent slip risks and heat resistance.

Popular design options on the stamped concrete pool deck are brick, wood resemblance, and stone patterns that may be seamless or of flagstone type.

For more details of this type, you may consult for pool decking services offered by Stamped concrete pool deck St Louis.

Colored Concrete

Having thoughts of achieving a unique look for your pool deck? Consider the color choice you will be incorporating on your surface. The usual color preference is the one that blends with the surroundings. It is also good to note its complementary effect on the house to achieve consistency in design.

There are infinite possibilities in customizing the color of concrete pool decks. As an example, you may imitate a sandy beach look by using beige colors. Color schemes depend on the type of overall look you want to achieve for your exterior. 

Stenciled Concrete

Like stamped concrete, many possible pattern designs can be imparted on the concrete. The difference with stamped concrete is that instead of using rubber stamps, paper stencils are used to create patterns on the fresh concrete.

Exposed Aggregate

In this type of design, a pool deck has a pebble-like surface appearance. With exposed aggregate, the pool deck surface becomes slip-resistant too. One of the popular styles is mixing aggregates with smooth concrete. This touch gives off a contrasting look that is overall aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

swimming pool with trees around facing the city

There are still other options for pool deck ideas to which you can choose from. Before deciding on which one to push through, you should consider the following: cost, quality, and consistency of the design to your overall house exterior.

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