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While it’s still spring, now is the best time to get your commercial pool ready for summer. Some people may think it’s a little too early to check this off the chore list. But the sooner you get things going, the sooner you can get operations going smoothly. You wouldn’t want customers to swim in algae-filled waters, would you? In addition to that, you want the whole pool area to look presentable and attractive to customers. In this article, we give you the three things you need to accomplish for your pool check-up this spring.

Have the Deck Checked

The pool deck is not just the area that surrounds the pool. It’s also a lounging place and an area that defines the aesthetic of the pool itself. With that being said, the cold winter weather can leave the pool deck bruised and battered. Check your pool deck for any signs of damage like cracks or spalling. This is to know if it will require professional pool deck resurfacing.

Maintain the Poolscape

An unkempt poolscape can make look the pool area look like an eyesore. Dead leaves, twigs, dirt, and debris should be cleared. This is to avoid them from getting to the pool basin and saving effort from skimming the water. It also helps to trim hedges and remove tree branches that can be hazardous to swimmers.

Inspect the Pool Cover

Since the pool cover is exposed to the outdoor elements it is ideal to check Check the pool cover for any holes or tears. Take a look at the area that might have been chewed on by squirrels. Standing water on top of the cover should be pumped off. Moving the cover without pumping off the standing water can spill into your pool. In the event that standing water does get dumped into the pool water, it is ideal to drain the pool to remove organic contaminants.

Test Pool Water Chemicals

After pumping off standing water pull back the cover in a small area where you can test the water chemicals. Pool chemical testing kits are available in hardware and pool equipment stores. Once you’ve acquired this, take a sample from the deepest area. Pool chemicals settle and are of the highest concentration in this area. Depending on the results you can move forwards shock the pool water with chlorine.

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