Pool Deck Materials

Choosing the right concrete coating for your pool deck is essential for making beneficial improvements. Whether your swimming pool is in a residential area or for commercial purposes. A highly decorative pool deck makes the entire pool area absolutely inviting. In order to achieve this, a concrete coating or overlay that is colored and textured is a must. This will drastically improve the pool deck’s appearance and function. Concrete coatings can provide a safe, slip-resistant surface that won’t wear down easily even with constant traffic.

Stamped Concrete Overlays

You can never go wrong with a combination of pattern, texture, and color. Stamped concrete overlays provide exactly just that. This is a fully customizable concrete application that can be made to suit the aesthetics you want to go for. It can also be made to mimic the look of natural stone or pavers for a classically chic look.

Spray Knockdown Texture/Cool Decking

Here’s another versatile pool deck coating that functions as good as it looks. Spray knockdown texture provides traction all while being comfortable and cool to the feet. You read that right. Even under the scorching heat, this concrete coating will stay cool enough to comfortably walk on even with bare feet. No need to worry about burned feet with this coating.

Custom Scorelines

If you have a crack-scarred pool deck, a concrete coating combine with custom scoreline effects is for you. This is a smart and innovative solution to those unsightly concrete cracks. It incorporates the lines of the existing cracks into the custom design making these virtually unnoticeable.

Aggregate Effects

Nothing says chic and classy like a concrete pool deck overlay with exposed aggregate effects. This is a sure fire way to achieve a texture that complements natural outdoor elements like no other. It is great at complementing landscapes around the pool area. It can also be customized for a skid-free finish.
Can’t wait to get these concrete overlays/coatings for your pool deck? Call a licensed pool decking contractor. Combined with the right equipment, expertise, and techniques, whichever one you choose will guarantee great results. Especially if you want to leave anyone who sees your pool area in awe. Now is the best time to get your residential or commercial pool deck spruced up. If you want to know more about the other improvement projects and services, feel free to visit our homepage. For related articles, read through our blog.
Decorative Concrete Resurfacing
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