Commercial pools give instant remedy to people needing to escape the season’s extreme heat. When the swimming pools gather people from every corner of the city, instant wear and tear will occur to the pool decks. A commercial concrete resurfacing St Louis can offer you staining, stamping, and sealing. These are popular choices for improving outdoor concrete floors.

This is your chance to update the look of your swimming areas. Nowadays, simple and practical solutions are in. When designing the pool decks overdoing the style and aesthetic is way too outdated.

Here are updated and practical ideas on how to resurface concrete pool decking.

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1- Recoloring

If you have already run out of options on creating a distinct, unique design for revamping the pool, the best idea is to go back to basics. Color concept is the most basic in design.

People easily relate when specific color themes are emphasized. Nowadays, people’s aesthetic taste becomes more exquisite. A stylish swimming pool can look classy and chic by making simple colors stand out.

A classy-looking pool surrounded with neutral concrete pool decking is achieved with a staining technique. A refinishing with a clear coating also offers a stunning, highly polished surface that looks attractive.

2- Stamping the Concrete

Stamping incorporates innovative techniques that use polymer-modified cement materials. Stamped concrete can also be in the form of overlays to existing concrete. This technique provides extra strength to a naturally tough material.

There are also dozens of design possibilities with stamping. This is suitable for pool decks. As a material that is continuously exposed to water activities, only a few materials can withstand a wet and damp environment.

However, if you opt to use other types of materials, you can use stamped overlays to mimic different patterns, such as natural stone, brick, and wood.

3- Concrete Sealing

An epoxy sealer is one of the best resurfacing options for your pools. It restores a pool deck from cracks and other imperfections of too worn-out concrete.

The concrete surfaces must also be prepared and grind before refinishing with a new sealer. A concrete sealer, if not applied professionally, will cause bubbles and peeling on the surface. With experts, they will use specialized tools to make sure the coating adheres perfectly.

4- Scoring to Achieve Geometric Shapes

A much simpler way to achieve bold patterns on a concrete surface is through scoring. Unlike stamping, scoring does not need to use rubber stamps. If you want straight, clear-cut bold lines, scoring is an easy fix. However, scoring is limited from creating more complex shapes and curved patterns. So, if you like to achieve more design possibilities stamping still beats the best of the best.

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