Are you thinking of a cool deck installation? Or get a famous pool decking brand as Kool decking St Louis to take your outdoor floors and pool decks to the next level? Resurfacing your pools refreshes the vibe and brings back the fun to the swimming area after heavy use and constant traffic. The next thing you think about is the best pool deck and floor coating materials. You may have also seen a trowel-down spray texture and want it for your pool.

After prolonged use during vacation, the pool area may drown in neglect and lack of maintenance. It is time to re-design, style, and liven-up the pool area in your home or commercial property. But whatever you use to improve the pool decks, it is cool that you know other pool deck and concrete resurfacing options.

What is pool deck paint and coating?

Various floor coating materials such as pool deck paint and acrylic and resin epoxy coating are popular resurfacing options. You might have heard about the Kool deck. A homophone for the cool deck. This name is a staple among swimming pool owners.

Cool pool decks use acrylic coatings. These act as heat-reflecting materials to make the concrete steps around the pool less warm. 


Try to touch the concrete floors outdoors. Under a warm St. Louis sun, the ground heats up. Even walking on the concrete floor wearing a slip-on already feels less comfy. How much more when you step around the pool barefoot?

How do you coat a pool deck with Spray Knockdown Finish?

Troweled Spray Concrete Texture. The other term used for this is the Knockdown texture or spray knockdown finish. How do you do this cool deck coating?

A spray trowel uses an acrylic-based concrete sealer to coat the concrete pool surface. That method results in a distinct texture. Aside from the unique texture and design, it also produces low-temperature concrete decking. 

The acrylic sprayed on the surface prevents less than 30% less heat on the ground. Thus, giving you a low temp concrete pool deck.

What is the best pool deck coating to choose from?

Aside from the knockdown finish, here are some other concrete coatings to know and choose from:

Concrete Resurfacing

Stamped concrete or stamped overlays are your choices if you want the look of wood, stone, or slate to stamp your pool deck’s designs. The patterns act as textures to add slip-resistance on the pool deck surfaces. If you need a cost-efficient solution to resurface pool decks, choose overlays.

Staining or Dye

The staining technique is practical. It uses dyes and acid-based color coatings to let the pigment penetrate the pool deck surface. Use this for vibrant and playful colors around your pools.

Pool deck paints

Pool deck paints are the concrete coatings you can use for your outdoor floors. Kool deck brand, acrylic coating, and epoxy floor coatings are used specifically for the pool decks.

stamped concrete pool deck

Understanding “Kool Deck” Vs. Cool Deck

Pool decks are outdoor surfaces that need a specific coating to repel heat from the sun. Other outdoor floors such as driveways and patios benefit from heat-stable concrete to last longer than one expects.

Here comes your smart pool deck solution, cool deck. Is it a cool deck or a Kool deck? First of all, the Kool deck is a brand name. 

The Kool deck brand pioneered the creation of the cooling system on concrete decks. What it does is spray acrylic coating on the concrete surface. That method and material result in a layer that seals the surface.

Cool deck coating is a term you can use to name various concrete resurfacing ideas that provide the pool decks and outdoor floors with a low-temperature surface.

Why seal the concrete surface? 

Concrete contains cement and other porous materials. The slabs and the layer beneath them have tiny holes, gaps air, water, and heat can circle inside them. Thus, sealing the concrete covers up the surface to stop it from absorbing heat.

That is why most expert pool contractors and installers do not just install cement slabs. They finish the concrete floor with concrete coatings. You need pool deck coatings especially for you to comfortably stroll on by the poolside without burning your feet or toes.

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing
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