Having a splashing time at your pool deck is all fun and games until you see minor cracks and damage around the structure. You might want to consider a pool deck repair at this point. You have the liberty to turn the pool deck repair into a quick do-it-yourself task. If that doesn’t work out, there is always the option to ask for professional help.

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Pool Deck Troubles: What Are They?

Pool decks are durable, but they are still susceptible to all sorts of problems. Here are some of them you might want to check out.

  • Spalling
  • Stains
  • Discoloration
  • Failing sealers
  • Slippery decks
  • Cracks and chipping

If you see one or more of these around your pool deck, it is a clear sign that it’s time to do some repairs. Each kind of damage has its share of solutions. And you might want to do some research on them if you plan on taking the problem head-on with no expert assistance. And then again, local professional pool contractors are one call away if you have no time for it.


Repairing Options Available

Each repair option works differently. Here is a brief description of the many solutions your pool decking might need.


 Fillers are for cracks around the pool deck. They improve the structure’s weakened areas and make them sturdier.


Sealants are one-of-a-kind products that deter moisture and other things. And they ensure nothing does not pass through into cracks, joints, and other spots.


Patches are for smooth areas where cracks are larger. They also work well for smoothening portions of the pool.


Overlaying is a process that requires installing a new layer on the concrete deck.

Pressure washing

You can get rid of stains and other things, such as moss and dirt, with pressure washing.


There are many coloring agents available in the market. They assist in hiding any imperfections or discoloration.

Stripping and resealing

Stripping and resealing is for failing sealants. It requires the removal of the material, and a new one will take its place.


Additives work by providing an additional level of slip-resistance to the setting.

Slabjacking foam

Slabjacking foam is a compound work personnel use for leveling purposes. They inject it into concrete so that it may raise.

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Comparing The Benefits Of A DIY Versus Hiring The Pros

DIY repairing

    • You can work on the damage however you want.
    • You are the boss, and thus, have complete control over the project. This aspect allows you to decide how much to spend and what materials to buy.
    • You may work immediately or set a specific time for it.
    • You save more money on materials, unlike when hiring a firm where you have to shell out for other things, such as labor, transportation, etc.

With experts on the job

    • Expert workers can handle the more complicated jobs, such as leveling the pool deck or resurfacing it.
    • There are fewer errors and mistakes when the pros get down to business.
    • Hiring a contractor will finish the repair way faster and on-time.
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The Takeaway

Repairing your pool deck setting is quite challenging and rewarding at the same time. But some things might prove to be too much for you to handle. It would be ill-advised for you to try and tackle them on your own. Doing so without the proper preparation and skill might end in the pool deck having more damage. So it would be a much better alternative to let the specialists come in and do what they do best. You can get in touch with them anytime and ask about what kind of repair is best.

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