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Concrete is bound to crack and settle over time. It’s a natural occurrence as concrete ages and there’s no surefire way to avoid it. Even so, the cracks around your concrete pool deck may look harmless but it’s never a good idea to leave them ignored. Even if you do for some time, having them fixed up is still a chore that will pop up in your to-do list eventually. If you still aren’t convinced, here are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t ignore those cracks on your concrete pool deck.

It’s a tripping hazard

The pain from a stubbed toe is one of the few sensations that can set off an endless string of curse words. You’re lucky if that’s all you’ll get from tripping on pool deck cracks. Don’t rule out the possibility of incurring serious injuries like fractured bones and concussions. If worse comes to worst, don’t be surprised to wake up to the sound of an ambulance siren.

For those who have their own private pool, that means risking the family’s safety and a hefty hospital bill. Commercial swimming pool owners will deal with way more than that. Think legal matters like getting sued, if not, a bad reputation amongst paying customers isn’t any better. Either way, concrete cracks are a liability waiting to happen.

It Eventually Gets Worse

Concrete cracks can start off as minor damages on your concrete pool deck. These damages are initially superficial. The bad news is that if you put off on crack repair services long enough, the structural integrity of your concrete pool deck is compromised.

In areas where winters reach freezing temperatures, concrete pool decks have it worse. Freeze-thaw cycles cause the concrete to expand and contract and this aggravates the existing damage. If you think having your pool deck repaired soon is expensive, how much more if you put it off until later? If you act now, you can save yourself from the unnecessary stress and added expenses of dealing with cracks later on.

Concrete Pool Deck Crack Solutions

We are going out on a limb here and assuming that we’ve managed to convince you at this point. If that’s the case, your options are pool deck resurfacing or crack repair services. Call a contractor to asses the damage and make a recommendation. You can even request a free quote to make the necessary adjustments for your budget.

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