Should I paint or stain my concrete pool deck? That is a good question if you plan on refinishing concrete pool deck. From the previous posts, you learn how to choose the materials for refinishing the pool deck. Various types of concrete coatings from there were defined, including paint and stain.

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Now, answer all your essential and frequently asked queries like “How much does it cost to resurface a concrete pool deck?” Identify first if you should choose paint or stain. Knowing what type of coating materials will best suit your pools will help break down all necessary costs.

What is the difference between paint and stained pool decks?

Get the materials to protect your pool decks. One may be more suitable for you. It depends on your location. Or it could be the other to fit your budget and satisfy your design needs.


Let’s compare stains and paint.

User and Budget-friendly with Stained Concrete

The first thing that you want to ask first is what is the most budget-friendly pool deck coating. 


The material used for staining costs $20 to $35 per gallon. In comparison, paints used for pool decking cost from $30 to $55 per gallon and as much as $60 for top-quality brands.

Users of paint will also pay extra for preparing the concrete deck’s surface for primer. And if you got a wooden deck, for example, a paint preservative will cost you another $15 to $40.


A stained concrete pool deck allows the user to be fast and efficient. It does not require primers. What one can do is to prepare the deck’s surface by washing, sanding, or grinding. Staining will not give you a hard time making it adhere to the surface. 

Once the stain touches the concrete deck’s surface, it will seep into the slabs beneath. 

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Variety of Designs and Colors with Paint

Paint offers more custom colors, creative control, and variations. Paint is a colorant for various types of surfaces like walls, roofs, wood, and metal. It’s the reason why many prefer to use this material. It also saves time to think about what materials you should use. Paint fits almost anywhere. 


On the other hand, stains offer more effects. Most staining colors revolve around the earth, warm hues. But, what makes the material a stunning choice for pool deckings is that it creates a translucent effect on the surface.


When you see this effect on the floor, it feels like the colors are morphing. The surface you are walking on is floating. That design can be limiting. But, that type of design is what makes the staining a perfect part of your pool decks where water moths into the ground as someone splashes in!

Natural Aesthetics with Staining

Here is where staining comes head-to-head with paint. While the pain offers more designs and outcomes, the stain is the perfect choice for those who love the natural look. 


When the stain hits the concrete’s core slabs, the color penetrates, making it a natural part. In this way, the concrete decking’s grey, dull look becomes its strength. Enhancing the natural look using stain is the best way to beautify concrete steps around the pool.

Maintenance: Satin and Paint

pressure water of stained floorWhen it comes to maintenance, some stains are more efficient. Others would go for paint. It will all boil down to what maintenance method you use. What fits you? 


You need to determine if it’s long-term maintenance or short-term. For the short term, maintenance painting will serve you well. However, when it comes to long-term efficiency and saving you cost for maintaining the property, staining wins.


The doubt came when a stained concrete pool deck required resealing and pressure washing. But you’ll see this once in a blue moon. It’s not that often compared to paint.


Paint, true enough, is easier to maintain. It dries the most quickly upon installment. That is a win for paint. However, you will need to regularly retain the pool decks and clean the area as often as necessary in the long run. Compared to stained concrete, the surface becomes instant anti-dirt, anti-stain and water-resistant. You will not get these many advantages from paint.


So, now have you made your choice?

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