A day of leisure and relaxation around the pool can quickly turn into a traumatic experience if you carelessly ignore the dangers of a hazardous pool deck. Identifying the two major pool deck safety hazards and knowing what how to deal with them is the best way to avoid unwanted accidents. Read on to be informed so you can relax with a cool swim without worrying about any possible mishaps that may occur.
slippery pool deck
slippery pool deck

Hazard #1: Wet Pool Deck Surfaces

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the pool deck can get constantly wet while people are entering and exiting the pool. All that water splashing and spilling make for an awfully slippery and extremely dangerous deck, particularly when there are kids running around. No wonder why lifeguards regularly remind us not to run around the pool. With that being said, skinned knees and ankles are the least of your problems because slipping and falling can result in more painful injuries like broken bones and concussions. Not to mention accidental drowning if a kid slips and falls in the deep end of the pool. Now that’s a nightmare.

The Solution: Enhance Surface Traction

Using patterns with heavy textures for pool deck surfaces is an ideal way to improve grip even when the area is soaking wet. There are ways to do this without compromising the pool deck’s aesthetic appeal. One anti-skid solution is to apply a spray texture overlay that can be combined with a selection of effects to provide a slip-resistant texture. Another solution is to install stamped concrete for your pool decks. Stamped concrete comes in a variety of patterns and textures that improve a pool are’s appearance and keeps swimmers from slipping. That’s functionality and design all rolled into one.
pool deck crack
pool deck crack safety

Hazard #2: Cracked or Uneven Concrete Pool Decks

Other than lego blocks, nothing can be more unfriendly to bare feet than sharp cracks and edges on a concrete pool deck. Cracked or uneven pool decks happen when the disrupted soil under a concrete pool deck starts to settle. Damages like these are common and sometimes unavoidable especially when mother nature gets the ground shaking. Aside from being terribly unsightly, cracked or, uneven pool decks are a major tripping hazard to children and adult swimmers alike. These cracks and uneven slabs of concrete on pool decks require immediate attention to avoid causing serious injury and even more expensive repairs.

The Solution:

Depending on how badly your pool deck is taking it, you may need pool deck resurfacing or crack repair services. But it’s difficult to assess cracks and uneven slabs of concrete on your own. You’ll need a professional to do just that and more. Save yourself and your bare feet from stress by calling a competent pool deck contractor offering a variety of services. You may think you’re saving money by looking for D.I.Y. solutions but a quick fix that has to be constantly done can get even more costly and not to mention tiring over time.

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