As autumn ends, winter is fast approaching. It’s time to prepare for the onslaught of snow, sleet, and ice in more ways than one. Stock up the pantry, get the driveway ready and winterize your pool area. It’s a tedious task, but don’t worry because that’s why we’re here to help. In this article, we list down the necessary preparations to protect your pool area from the freezing temperatures of winter.

Fix up Your Pool Deck

If you’ve been thinking of pool deck resurfacing, now is the right time to have it done. Resurfacing will fix up the concrete cracks, spalling and shifting that you may have ignored for the past year. Freeze-thaw cycles will aggravate these damages on your concrete pool deck. It’s best to call a contractor now than to cash out way more than you should come spring.

Start Cleaning

Pool deck resurfacing takes out a lot of cleaning load for you. Since your pool deck is now good as new, the next step is to focus on the pool basin. Clean it thoroughly by scrubbing the pool walls to remove stains and prevent algae build-up. Take out any leaves or other debris from the water. Remove any floaters and toys from the water if there are any.

Balance Chemical Levels

Check to see if the chemical levels from the pool water are stable. If you’re not sure how there are quick test kits available for purchasing. If the pH, chlorine and alkaline levels need adjustment, proceed to do so. Here’s a guide to each of the chemical’s ideal levels:

pH Level: 7.6-7.8 Alkalinity: 800-100 Chlorine Level =10-12ppm

Backwash the Filter

Run a complete pool pump cycle prior to the backwashing process. After this initial step, you can proceed with backwashing the filter. Continue to do so until the water runs clear. Make sure to drain all the water from the tank by opening the drain at the bottom. If it comes with an air relief valve, open this as well.

Adjust Pool Water Level

The pool water level needs to be lowered about 4-6 inches below the lowest plumbing line. To do this, you can use either a filter or submersible pump. After this, you have the option to pour in a winter algaecide as an extra precaution.

Drain and Shut Off Equipment

Your pump, filter, and heater should be drained of water through the drain plug of each one. This avoids water from freezing inside and damaging the equipment. Make sure you don’t leave any equipment running and shut off all your pump equipment.

Put Up the Pool Cover

A pool cover with the appropriate size for your pool basin will protect your pool and keep debris from entering it. You can put this up as instructed by the pool cover manufacturer. Some pool covers stretch over the pool and some simply rest on top of the water. Neglecting to put up pool covers will leave all your efforts in fruitless.

There you have it! Winter swimming pool preparations may seem so much like a chore but it’s all worth it once the season ends. Preparations keep your pool deck in tip-top shape and make it ready for use again after the snow clears up. If you’re interested in finding out more about pool care or concrete pool decks, visit our homepage to get what you need.
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