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Summer is coming to a close soon. And when we see fall approaching, it can be tempting to just cover up the pool until spring and leave it as it is. But if you want your pool to still be in great condition when you open it up again, you need to keep up the maintenance all throughout fall and winter.

If you’re not sure about what pool maintenance looks like after the summer, this is a handy guide for any pool owner looking to take do the right thing by their pool:

swimming pool ready for repair
Pool deck repair should be a priority

Concrete will always crack so you will always need pool deck repair in one way or another. But if you take care to repair the cracks when they appear, it saves you the money it would take to completely resurface the deck or even replace it once the cracks grow larger.
After the summer when temperatures drop and the concrete shrinks, small cracks may start to appear. Address these cracks immediately by contacting your pool deck contractor to get a pool deck repair service.

man cleaning the swimming pool
Clean your pool regularly

We know cleaning a pool can be a real chore, even if all you have to do is empty out and clean your automatic cleaner. But for the fall season, it is absolutely crucial to clean your pool regularly if you want to avoid stains on the bottom of your pool and to stop the growth of algae and bacteria in the water.

frozen swimming pool
Prevent freezing

Freezing can be a real problem for a pool. Frozen water can lead to burst pipes and can damage your pool deck, plumbing, and the pool itself.
The best thing you can do to prevent a sudden freeze is to regularly turn your pump on, as moving water does not freeze. But if you live in a climate that has very low temperatures during the fall and winter, hire a specialist to make sure the pool doesn’t freeze and does not damage your pool.

covered swimming pool
Know when it’s time to cover up

Once the temperatures drop drastically or once snowfall is on the horizon, you need to use your pool cover. A pool cover can save you from a huge range of problems but it is only effective when you know how and when to use it.
A pool cover needs to be put on tight and properly to avoid any water or snow leaking into the pool. Experts suggest covering up your pool at least one week before expected snowfall, but it can be done even earlier if you want to be safe.

Taking the steps to properly maintain your pool after the summer can mean the difference between an easy transition into pool season and a period of repairing, fixing, and even replacing things before you can use your pool again in spring.

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